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Julians Auto Showcase Consignment Department- New Port Richey FL - Consignment

Julian’s Auto Showcase Consignment Department will sell you vehicle for you. Let us handle the complete transaction from Advertising to final paper work, we do it all.

Consignment Advantages






You Price it!

Your Privacy is always protected

We advertise it for you
on major online sites.


We make it easier for a customer to buy your car!
We offer the tools to sell your vehicle. When it all comes down to it, it's always about the money. Financing makes the difference.
You Price it.  We sell it.  Hassle Free!!
Hundreds of customers have sold their vehicles on consignment
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Here are some frequently asked questions.
If you have a different question, please feel free to call Julian's at 888-475-6784 and ask for the Consignment Department. 
How long does it normally take to sell a vehicle?
Vehicles can sell in as little as a day - We have buyers looking for vehicles like yours! 
Do I need to have my vehicle detailed and serviced prior to bringing it to Julian's?
No, we can do it all for you!! We have certified auto technicians and detailers on site.  This way you do not have to worry about getting the work done.  You can just leave the vehicle with us and we can complete the work for you! Our full service showroom detail on your vehicle is only $110! A complete oil change, safety inspection and tire rotation is only $19.99+tax! Our service facility is located at 6717 US Hwy 19, New Port Richey, FL 34652 and their number is 727-494-7676.
I've lost the title to my vehicle...
If you have lost the title to your vehicle, you will need to get a duplicate title. Julian's can help you with this.
My name is not on the title. Can I still consign the car?
Yes, but Julian's will ask to verify your relationship with the owner. As a rule, Julian's will write the check only to the person named on the title or a party with a valid Power of Attorney. Call ahead to discuss, Julian's can assist you in the Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney process. 

How is the value of my vehicle determined?
Although Julian's policy is "set the price" we do evaluate your vehicle. A careful vehicle inspection is the basis of any fair pricing. A vehicle that has been routinely serviced and cleaned will be worth considerably more than one that has been neglected. Various pricing and valuation sources are used to determine fair market value. These include Black Book, Blue Book, and auction data.

My car is financed. Is that a problem?
It's not a problem. You can still consign a car to Julian's even if you are paying off a loan. It is important to provide a current statement of your account balance (payoff amount) when you bring your car in.  We will contact your financing company for a 10 day payoff. Please leave your auto insurance in place when your vehicle has a loan.

What must I bring?
Please bring with you the following:  Drivers license of owners, Insurance Card, Registration, Recent repairs/service, Lien holder information (Account Number, approximate payoff.)
Why Julian's prices are lower than other dealers?
Other used car dealers own their inventory, which means they face the risk of depreciation on inventory that does not sell. These factors contribute to higher costs, which the dealer passes on to the buyer. Julian's system is completely different, allowing us to keep sticker prices thousands of dollars lower than other dealers. We are a dealership based on selling lots of vehicles every month, It's all about volume!

My car is registered in another state...
If your car is registered in another state, and you have clear title to the vehicle, Julian's can consign your vehicle.

What if my certificate of title says "Salvage", "Flood" or "TMU"?
Julian's will not consign or sell a vehicle with a "salvage", "Flood" or "lemon" title. This is also known as a "branded title".  A title which has the letters "TMU" (True Mileage Unknown) will not be consigned at Julian's.

What happens if my car does not sell within 30 days?
Julian's will call you to let you know the car has not sold. In some cases Julian's will allow you to keep the car on our lot for free for an additional two weeks but we will ask you to consider reducing the price. It depends on the vehicle, and the inventory. Julian's will let you know.

Does Julian's only consign cars?
Julian's will consign a car, truck, SUV, van, contact us if you have a classic, muscle car or other vehicle.
What happens if I decide to I want to sell my vehicle on my own? Or Pickup my vehicle?
Communication is the key!  We do not hold your vehicle hostage - you can pick it up for a couple of hours or days if needed.  As long as there are no pending sales on your vehicle, it can be released during normal business hours. We ask that if a consignee has their own buyer, they handle the sale away from Julian's Auto Showcase's property.
How Consignment Works

Free Appraisals!

Pricing you vehicle to sell is the most important step.  We will research the market value reports and valuations on your vehicle to guide you to a target price.

Hassle-Free Pricing!! - You name it - we sell it - Hassle-Free

Showcase your vehicle - Julian's Auto Showcase professionally presents your vehicle at their prime location on US Highway 19!  Plus we advertise and market your vehicle on major advertising web site as well as our web site with 27 professional photos and a video of your vehicle!

Final Sale of your vehicle - We complete everything for you under one roof!  If there is a loan - we will complete the loan payoff for you.  The final sale takes only 10 minutes of your time.
  • VIP Express - Our free appraisal will take 15 Minutes or less
  • The Appraiser - our trained agents use only the most up to date tools to give you the highest values
  • No scheduling needed - Come on down we are open 7 days a week
  • We pay CASH - When you sell us your car we pay top dollar and you get CASH on the spot
  • Paperwork - Julian's will handle all necessary paperwork needed to expedite the sale
  • There is No Place Like The Showcase
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have purchased more than 50 vehicles in my life and the experiece at Julian Auto sales ranks at the top of the list for a great buying experience. Brien , Antoine and Scott were both friendly and professional. I would recommend them highly. Sincerely, Darrell A. Libka Read more at https://www.cars.com/dealers/185164/julians-auto-showcase/reviews/#uQ3qPzVZz4ZIOdOF.99
2011 chrysler 200 hard top convertible
Date published: 05/13/2016
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Very courteous they just treated us awesome I would definitely go there again plus we're very happy with their purchase
Date published: 09/29/2016
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I had the pleasure of working with Mark a few days ago and I can not tell you enough how easy it was for me to get into my very first car with just myself on the title...being a student and working part time and having absolutely no credit it was insanely hard to find anyone who would approve me...not only did I get aproved....Mark and Deanna went above and beyond to make sure I got into a car that was not only a good reliable car that I could depend on but they made sure that the car was in my budget and wasn't over what I wanted to pay monthly! These guys are the bomb!! I will definitly be sending everyone I know here!!!
Used Car
Date published: 10/03/2016
5 / 5 stars